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What is in a Poplar/Aspen Sauna Kit (Sauna Material Package)?

All of our Sauna Kits include:

1" x 4" (5/8" thick) clear Poplar tongue & groove boards sufficient to clad interior walls horizontally to 7' Height. Ceiling boards supplied for shortest dimension.

Saunas larger than 7' wide or deep will typically use 7' T&G installed vertically.

Galvanized nails for tongue & groove, ja mb-set, and casing. If using a compressor a staple     gun with 1 3/16" to 1 3/8" staples with a 7/32" crown are recommended
Doorjamb, stainless steel hinges , nylon roller catch, casing for door
interior and exterior, Poplar door stop set.

Poplar Trim package; base,ceiling,vertical corners,

Sauna light (wall mount)

Bench material for two benches in clear Poplar 2 x 4 boards with 1 x 4 crosspieces, screws, fascia (stiffener), and bench cleats for benches to rest on. Saunas 5' deep and deeper will have 20" top bench and 16" deep bottom bench. Shallow saunas (less than 5') have 16"/13" top/bottom or 20"/8" as space allows.

"Insulfoil" vapor barrier that serves as a heat reflector as well.

Backrest for wall over top bench.

Poplar framed door (24" x 72") with full length tempered thermopane window. Available in 24" x 78". Also available in solid tongue & groove 2 x 4 Poplar with 12 x 18 window. Standard 24" x 72" and 24" x 78" optional.

100% stainless steel body wall mount heater (made in Canada) with separate external mount mechanical control with timer/ thermostat, granite rocks and wood sauna heater guard/fence.

Accessories include bucket, ladle, wood wall thermometer, and head rest(s).

Sauna building checklist.

 Popular Options

Poplar floorboards in grid style. Redundant if floor is to be tiled.

Grill between bottom and top benches

Extra benches for medium and large saunas.

Extra marine style lights for walls under benches (see builder's sauna     http://www.saunakits.com/gallery-sauna-builders-new.html)

Pre-hung doors with precise depth jambset to suit your wall thickness.

Custom door glass. Give us a design idea and we will have our glass artist produce a one of a  kind window for your door or wall. POR.

Digital or "on heater" controls.

Tylo or Harvia heaters
What do I need to provide on my own?

You must provide the following:

2 X 4 stud walls and ceiling joists
R 12/13 insulation for walls;R 12/13 or R 20 max for ceiling depending on indoor/outdoor location
Wiring (typically 10/2 or 8/2 with 30 amp or 40 amp breakers)
We are, of course, always here to help you with instructions and advice while you build your     sauna. Feel free to visit our Ask the Builder section.

Builders Registry
Sauna Kits is looking to expand on its around the world Builders Registry. If you are a builder and would be interested in being added to our registry, please email us at stevemcd@saunakits.com and let's get acquainted.


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