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We now have Poplar / Aspen Wood for Sauna builds.

Poplar / Aspen

Check out the Sauna Builder's
own 7' x 9' sauna


"12' diameter modular Octagon sauna now available in Eastern White or Western Red Cedar starting at $9200.00. Call or email for details.

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Custom cut sauna material packages
for challenging spaces such as this
8'x7' x irregular five sided former cold room under a porch entrance. Have a space that you are considering for an in house sauna but not sure if it is possible? Call this experienced sauna builder for a
no charge consultation.


This months Featured Sauna...

Modular Sauna

Modular insulated sauna in
clear Western Red Cedar
On Sale... 5' x 6'  &   5'x 7' units available
for the special offer price of
$2800.00 USD/$3040.00USD
respectively. Call or email us for details.....Steve


The Barrel Sauna

Available in:

4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 9', 10', 11', 12',14', 16' lengths,
all in 7' or 8' diameter starting at $5200.00 USD

Call Toll free 877-663-3311
or email for info.

Barrel Sauna
8' diameter x 12' long,
Edmonton, Alberta

Barrel Sauna
8' diameter x 6' long Barrel,
Seattle, WA. March 2014

Winter 2012...8' x 8' Barrel Sauna
Christchurch, New Zealand a Canadian Company!


8' diameter two tier, 4 bench Barrel Sauna in
Eastern White Cedar from $5800.00

Barrel Sauna

Barrel Sauna Western Red Cedar

8' diameter two tier, 4 bench Barrel Sauna in
Clear Western Red Cedar from $7200.00
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