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"6' x 6 ' Log Sauna in
clear Western Red Cedar

Ann Arbor, Michigan

6' x 6' Out door Log Interior/bench

"6' x 6 ' Log Sauna in
clear Western Red Cedar
Available from 4' x 4' to 8' x 12' or custom built to any size desired. Call for custom size builds.
2 x 6 Tongue & Groove (1 3/8" thick) Western Red Cedar (Clear or Knoty) walls.
Ceiling is made with 1 x 4 or 1 x 6 clear WRC…fully insulated with foil faced fiberglass
2 x 4 two tier benches in Clear Western Red Cedar.
Chalet style roof underlay with 1 x 6 T & G Knoty Cedar, outer "skin" of roof can be ordered with Vic West galvanized steel
Solid Cedar pre-hung door with window. We use 3 1/2" stainless steel Butt style hinges.
Custom milled heavy duty Cedar corner mouldings, interior and exterior
Backrest (s) above top bench (s) in clear Western Red Cedar.
Nylon roller latch and Cedar door handles
Default heater is a top quality electric stove the 8 KW Tylo Sport. Other electric stove options include SaunaCore Elite Model, Saunacraft CW-M and the Scandia Ultra 8kw. The default wood burning stove is the Harvia M3. Prices below are with electric stove. The default gas stove is the Scandia 240 (40,000 BTU), this is a $1200.00 USD option.
Stainless steel stovepipe……..$650.00
Heat shields, either from Harvia or custom built ceramic by Saunakits.com Inc.
Depending on climatic zone a "mostly" glass door may be appropriate. Custom etching available.
Other roof styles available include "Shed", "Hip", & "Saltbox", or your design.
Log saunas do not arrive with a floor as some are set on concrete pads. Insulated Cedar or Pine floors are available from $10.00 per square foot depending on wood type.
Roof option for Outdoor Log Saunas

Standard roof will have a Gable/Chalet style roof with either T & G 1 x 6 Pine or 1 x 6 Tight Knot Western Red Cedar underlay with a top "skin" of Vicwest brand metal panels available in a variety of colors and styles as seen at http://www.vicwest.com/colors_

Typical slope is approximately 30 degrees with Chalet style
Custom roof styles available upon request.
Ceiling of Outdoor Log saunas are insulated with 3" thick foil faced fiberglass.
Calculate roof cost for desired size sauna by multiplying the square footage of the roof x $24.00 per square foot: e.g. 8' x 8' roof= 64 sq.' x 24= $1536.00 for a complete pre-built insulated roof including gables and trim.
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