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Poplar DIY Kit
TKWRC Log Western Red Cedar DIY Kit
Tight Knot Western Red Cedar and Heater... $ USD
Sauna Kits include the materials listed here.
Your Desired Size Kit:      
Door Style (Option to Upgrade)... $ USD

a) Full glass (clear) tempered with Cedar frame (standard door included     in kit price)
b) Solid cedar with 12" x 18" tempered window $90.00
c) Iris.... $225.00
d) Bamboo.... $225.00
e) Moonlit Tree...... $225.00
f) Greek Column..... $225.00
g) Bronze tempered/Cedar frame $90.00
h) Designer series "Coral" 10 mm. thick full glass/Cedar     frame.....$250.00
i) Designer series "Ice" 10 mm. thick full glass/Cedar     frame........$250.00
j) Designer series "Rain" 10 mm. glass/Cedar frame.......$250.00

Note: Ice, Rain and Coral motif units are 10 mil hot rolled, all others are tempered sandblasted glass. Allow 3 to 4 weeks delivery on saunas with designer series doors.

Custom sizes available upon request.

Shipping and Handling...
Precise rate to be determined at time of order...
Please e-mail stevemcd@saunakits.com if you require shipment to another location.
Your U.S. Location:  
Applicable Taxes X

a) Delivery/Pick-up in Canada (GST) Cdn Funds*
b) Delivery to USA (no taxes) USD Funds
Total Price of Eastern White Cedar Sauna... $
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If you are interested in purchasing a Clear Kit Sauna, please fill out the fields below and click "Submit" If you would like, we will contact you to discuss your requirements.
Don't look to add a heater to your Knoty Sauna... Its already included!

Please call toll free (877) 663-3311 or e-mail stevemcd@saunakits.com if you require a custom size sauna. Please Click Here if you would like to check prices on Western Red Cedar instead of Knoty Saunas.

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