Saunakits.com Inc. is based in the Windsor, Ontario, (Canada) area and has become the business to call when a custom installation is required in residential or business settings. Many local health clubs and private clubs have custom saunas by Saunakits.com Inc. Some include...Lifestyle Family fitness (3 locations), Fit & Healthy, Lasalle Fitness and the Caboto Club to mention a few.

Over the years the business has grown to include Log sauna and Barrel sauna exports across Canada, the USA and offshore destinations including, Guam, Japan, Hawaii, England, Wales, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Trinidad, Puerto Rico and the beautiful island of Saba in the Netherlands Antilles.

Many people are familiar with the benefits of the sauna experience but frequently they are unsure how they should go about planning for and actually building the sauna room.

Important decisions must be made on the size, location and style of sauna that will be appropriate for the customer. Most sauna sales entail a customer planning to build from scratch by his/herself in their own home. Some are by professional builders unfamiliar with sauna building techniques and are incorporating the sauna into a new house build or an existing residence.

Regardless of whether the sauna is being built by the homeowner or by a professional builder everyone wants a professional outcome, first try!
Having the availability of a veteran sauna builder to consult with as the planning and build process moves forward is a key component in the quest for that professional result. Saunakits.com Inc. provides the essential customer support to get the results that people expect. We are available via email and our toll free line to consult directly with the homeowner and/or the builder. **Many professional builders are reluctant to take on a sauna project the first time as they are unsure how to appropriately bill for their labor. This is an area where discussion with a sauna maven is crucial. Given the facts about a proposed build allows us to provide a fairly concise timeline to form a basis for a quote. This helps the homeowner and the builder.

In addition to custom building in South Western Ontario we are available to advise on and supply other sauna options including Pre-built and Modular traditional style saunas and Modular Infra-Red saunas. We will discuss your sauna requirements in detail to assure that you choose the appropriate style and size unit.

We recognize the fact that many prospective sauna customers are out working during the day (so they can afford that sauna) so our hours are flexible for that point when email dialogue needs to be replaced with some telephone contact. Evening hours up to 9 PM EST are available to allow for this dialogue. Feel free to let us know what will work for you!
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