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Building and selling saunas is what I do to make a living however, the really nice thing about the endeavor is seeing and hearing from my customers after the sauna has been installed and they have had an opportunity to use it a few times.

Saunas truly are a unique addition to a home. Not only is the fragrant Western Red Cedar pleasing to the olfactory senses but the grain and tone of the wood also contribute to a sense of serenity.

Very few of us who have and enjoy saunas in our homes truly "need" to have them, a sauna is something we want. Some people with chemical sensitivity or other ailments requiring a detoxifying mechanism may truly need a sauna to get and stay well. Most of us are filling a physical/psychological urge for a convenient personal refuge or retreat from the stress of everyday living be it environmental or workplace related. Travel advertising frequently extols the virtues of "escaping" to an exotic locale to get away from it all.

This is great when time and finances allow. For the cost of a typical ocean cruise an average size sauna can be purchased which is unrivaled in convenience as a right at home 'getaway'. Saunas should last a lifetime if well maintained, elements are subject to replacement after many years of use (relatively inexpensive to replace), but compared to other forms of heat therapy and relaxation modes there is very little maintenance required.

When not in use simply close the door until next time. An electric heat sauna is also much more economical to use than most people assume. An average sized sauna may cost anywhere from $5 to $8 (CDN $) if used three or four times each week, for an hour or so at a time.

A sauna is a special place in a home whether you use the sauna by yourself or with family or friends. The sensation of peace and contentment derived is truly priceless. The sensation reminds me of the feeling I always experienced as a child after a day swimming and playing in Lake Superior during my summer vacation. Getting to sleep was not a problem after the sun and water. The after sauna glow I get every time I use my sauna harkens back to those blissful childhood days. If you would like to capture the 'sauna sensation' in your home you can count on me to share my sauna building expertise to assure that your plans come to fruition in a professional manner should you or your builder take on a Kit sauna project or if you decide to order a custom pre-fab modular sauna!
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