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Why should I choose a Sauna from SaunaKits.com?

We strive to provide our customers with the best quality materials, for kits and in our custom installations, for a low price. The body of our heaters are guaranteed for life while the elements and controls, as wear-prone items, have a limited warranty. We are always available to help you with your Sauna Kit assembly questions after purchase. You can depend on us to answer your questions sent to us by e-mail, phone, fax or postal mail. Put my 30+ years of Sauna Building experience to your benefit. We will provide assistance and advice, so that you can enjoy your Sauna. I am an experienced Sauna builder... not just another Sauna dealer. You will not be left in the cold! Our customers' Sauna experience is of paramount importance to us. Our Saunas will make you sweat... our prices will not!

Can I bring a Sauna Kit across the border to the United States?

YES! If you are American, then you may take advantage of your strong dollar by purchasing a Sauna from SaunaKits.com. We ship Sauna Kits worldwide via this Web Site. If you are close to Southwestern Ontario or Southeastern Michigan, you can save yourself the shipping fees by buying a Sauna from SaunaKits.com and then bringing it back across the border. All you need is a small pickup truck, a van or a trailer to be able to do it in one trip.

* NOTE: Our Sauna Kits are 100% duty free according to the North American Free Trade Agreement, as they are proudly made of only quality U.S. and Canadian parts.

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