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We now have Poplar / Aspen Wood for Sauna builds.

Poplar / Aspen

Check out the Sauna Builder's
own 7' x 9' sauna


"12' diameter modular Octagon sauna now available in Eastern White or Western Red Cedar starting at $9200.00. Call or email for details.

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8' x 10' Barrel Sauna in Eastern White Cedar, Fairbanks, Alaska, Summer 2015

Sauna with fiber optic ceiling lights...


This months Featured Sauna...

Modular Sauna

Modular insulated sauna in
clear Western Red Cedar
On Sale... 5' x 6'  &   5'x 7' units available
for the special offer price of
$2800.00 USD/$3040.00USD
respectively. Call or email us for details.....Steve


The Barrel Sauna

Available in:

4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 9', 10', 11', 12',14', 16' lengths,
all in 7' or 8' diameter starting at $5200.00 USD

Call Toll free 877-663-3311
or email for info.

Barrel Sauna
8' diameter x 12' long,
Edmonton, Alberta

Barrel Sauna
8' diameter x 6' long Barrel,
Seattle, WA. March 2014

Winter 2012...8' x 8' Barrel Sauna
Christchurch, New Zealand a Canadian Company!


8' diameter two tier, 4 bench Barrel Sauna in
Eastern White Cedar from $5800.00

Barrel Sauna

Barrel Sauna Western Red Cedar

8' diameter two tier, 4 bench Barrel Sauna in
Clear Western Red Cedar from $7200.00
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